Terms of use

ICT provides a Research Data Store (RDS) service to assist researchers at the University to store and manage research data. The following information outlines the terms under which the service is provisioned and what you can expect if you request RDS storage.

Please read the Terms of Use below before requesting access to the Research Data Store.


  • All requests for RDS storage must be made by completing a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) which is found on the Research Data Management Guidelines website.

  • ICT will contact you with instructions on how to access your storage once your RDMP has been approved. If you have difficulties following the emailed instructions you can contact the University Service Desk on +61 2 9351 2000.

  • The RDS is for research data only. Non-research related data should not be stored in the RDS. If you require storage for non-research data, please contact ICT to discuss other storage options.

  • Connections to the RDS directly from servers are not recommended. This service is primarily intended to be accessed by users as a place to store their active research data. If servers or instruments are being used to generate research data, this data should be outputted locally to the server/instrument, and then moved to the RDS by the user. Please DO NOT output data generated by instruments directly to the RDS as unexpected network errors may result in data loss or corruption. If you have extraneous storage requirements that do not fit this use case you should contact ICT to discuss this.

  • Due to differences in file naming conventions between various computer platforms, you are advised to follow a best practice when naming your files and folders to maximise compatibility between different platforms. That is to ensure data can be read and retrieved from many types of computer, e.g. Mac, Windows, and Linux etc. Please see links below for some of the recommended best practices:

  • The RDS is accessible via the SMB protocol for network shared drives and NFS access is available using RCOS.


  • The RDS can store x-in confidence data.
  • Access to RDS data is restricted by UniKey, and only authorised individuals will be able to view and edit research data.
  • It is your responsibility as an original RDS requestor or Chief Investigator to specify who has access to your project data. Access to the RDS is managed through the RDMP Tool. You will need to add or remove contributors via the RDMP.
  • ICT system administrators will have access to data on the RDS in order to perform administrative functions, such as to modify permissions and restore files/folders when requested. If you require greater restrictions around access to your data, please log a request with the ICT Helpdesk and someone will contact you to discuss your requirements.


For support you can call the University Service Desk on +61 2 9351 2000 or log a ticket via the ICT Service portal.

To log a ticket:

  1. Navigate to the ICT Service portal.
  2. Select Request something else.
  3. Select Request something else again.
  4. Enter details of the request in the Description field. Include the term RDS.
  5. Click Submit.