Research Data Management Plan (RDMP)

The following tips are not a comprehensive set of instructions to complete an RDMP, but provide some tips on a few of the sections to help get your RDS account as quickly as possible. For complete information about managing your research data, see the Research Data Management website.


When choosing an Abbreviated Project Name (Question 2 in the Overview section), choose a name that is short and memorable, as your RDS project directory will use this name.


Every project must have one Lead CI, who must be someone with an academic profile on the Sydney University website. Projects can have as many contributors as required.


Question 15 is where you must choose between Classic RDS or Research Computing Optimised Storage (RCOS).

Question 16 asks for an estimate of how much storage you expect to use. This storage amount is not a limit/quota, but an estimate used by ICT to forecast how much storage to procure. To add storage for additional years, click the add button on the lower-left hand side of the storage table.


There are no storage quotas/limits on the Research Data Store.

HPC - Artemis

This question asks whether this project requires access to Sydney University’s centrally-managed high performance computer called Artemis. Artemis is a 4264 processor Linux command-line batch computing system, which has been designed for computational jobs that do not require a graphical user interface. If you are not sure whether you require Artemis now, you can request Artemis access at a later date by editing your completed RDMP.


Once your RDMP is completed, click the Submit tab and click “Submit to LCI for Approval”. If you click “Save draft and close”, your RDMP will not be submitted and you will not get any RDS storage until you click “Submit to LCI for Approval”.

After you submit your RDMP, your nominated Lead CI will get an email requesting they approve your completed RDMP. To ensure your RDMP is approved by your Lead CI, inform them you have submitted a RDMP for their approval. If they can’t find the email, ask them to check their spam folder.

After your Lead CI approves your RDMP, it is sent to the Research Data Management team, who will review your RDMP and approve it if it looks sensible. Your RDMP is then sent to ICT who will provision your research data storage space. If you experience any delays in provisioning after the Research Data Management team approval step, contact the University Service desk on 9351 2000 and select option 2 for ICT.

Faculty Codes

Faculty Code Faculty Name
RDS-01 The drive for all new Classic RDS projects
FADP Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning
FAE Faculty of Agriculture and Environment
FASS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
FEI Faculty of Engineering and IT
FESW Sydney School of Education and Social Work
FOB Faculty of Business
FOD Faculty of Dentistry
FOP Faculty of Pharmacy
FSC Faculty of Science
FVS Faculty of Veterinary Science
SCA Sydney College of the Arts
SCM Sydney Conservatorium of Music
SLS Sydney Law School
SMS Sydney Medical School
SNS Sydney Nursing School