Getting results from finished jobs

After your job finishes, you can download the final variables from your job by either right-clicking your job in the Matlab Job Monitor window and selecting Fetch outputs or Load variables (whichever one applies), or alternatively, in the Matlab Command window type:

myCluster = parcluster('Artemis');
job = myCluster.findJob('ID',20)

This would load the variables of a job with ID 20 into your Matlab client.

Downloading data from Artemis to your local computer or RDS

If, in your cluster profile, you set your RemoteJobStorageLocation to /project/PANDORA, then your job data would be stored in /project/PANDORA/abcd1234/Job<JobID>, where PANDORA is your project’s abbreviated project name as specified in your RDMP, abcd1234 is your UniKey and <JobID> is the Job ID assigned to your job by Matlab.

You can download this data from Artemis to your local computer or from Artemis to RDS using Secure File Transfer Protocol programs such as WinSCP, FileZilla or Cyberduck.