Known Issues

Research Data Store data transfer speeds

We are investigating why we sometimes experience slow data transfer speeds to the research data store (Classic RDS and RCOS). This task is is complex and it will take us time to systematically check all network components and hardware are performing to their design specifications. We do acknowledge it is an issue and we are working on it.

We know data transfer speeds are slowest during working hours (especially in the afternoon on weekdays) and improve outside of business hours. For best performance, if possible, schedule data transfers outside of business hours.

Artemis occasionally not sending emails

Artemis occasionally fails to send emails, even when you request emails using the -m and -M PBS directives. The issue is being investigated by Altair (the PBS Professional job scheduler vendor).

Intermittent “permission denied” errors when accessing RCOS data

If you are a member of 5 or more DashR projects, you may occasionally experience intermittent “permission denied” errors when accessing data on RCOS. If you’re impacted by this, you can perform data transfers to/from RCOS using a server called (equivalent to instead. Log into this server via SSH using your unikey and password (avoid using SSH key pairs for authentication). You can use this server in the same way as the existing RCOS servers. For example, via FileZilla, CyberDuck or Linux command line tools such as scp, SFTP or SSH.

For more details, refer to the RCOS guide.