Name Definition
CI Chief Investigator
Classic RDS Windows-based file server that is backed up regularly
Core/CPU Central Processing Unit. Technically these two are different, but they are used interchangeably in this document.
GNU An extensive collection of open source software, including compilers.
GPU Graphics Processing Unit
GUI Graphical User Interface
HPC High Performance Computing
Intel Intel Compiler Suite
Lustre A high performance filesystem
MPI Message Passing Interface
NCI National Computational Infrastructure
Node A physical computer. Artemis is comprised of many nodes.
OpenMP A shared memory parallelism application programming interface
OpenMPI An open source implementation of Message Passing Interface
PBS Portable Batch System
PGI Portland Group Compiler Suite
PuTTY A secure shell client for Windows
RAM Random Access Memory
RCOS Research Computing Optimised Storage - A linux-based file server that is backed up regularly
RDMP Research Data Management Plan
RDS Research Data Store
SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol
SSH Secure Shell
Terminal A command line interface to a computer
UniKey Your Sydney University Unique ID
VPN Virtual Private Network