User and Power Management in Argus

Assigning a user to Argus Desktop

To access and use Argus Desktop, users must be assigned to the nominated Argus Desktop. Currently each nominated admin in participanting units has to manage booking Argus Desktops and user assignment for each Argus Desktop. Once the enterprise-wide booking system is implemented, user assignment will be automatic.

To assign/remove users to desktops open Argus Director.


Type your unikey/password in Username/Password field and leave ‘shared’ in Domain field.

A new page will open and give you an overview of status of your machines.

To add/remove a user click on the search botton at the top right corner of the page. In the new page select ‘Machine’ and type name of your Argus Desktop or your facility/group name.


You will be able to see the list of your Argus Desktops, select the desktop you want to add/remove users from.

In this page you can also control the power status of your machines - turn off/restart.


Select ‘Manage Users’ and you will be able to see the list of currently assigned users to the Argus Desktop.


In this page you can remove an assigned user from desktop by selecting ‘X’ next to username or add a new user to desktop by typing the unikey of the , select it from the list.

Note: Select the unikey which starts with SHARED

Argus Desktop Session/Power Management

Using Argus-Director you are able to restart an Argus Desktop or disconnect/logout a user from a desktop.

Power Management

Using Argus-Director you are able to Start/Restart your Argus Desktops. To do that, login to Argus Director and select Filters/Machines/All Machines from the top of the page as shown in the below image


In the next page you will be able to see a list of all your Argus Desktops. Select the desktop by ticking the box next to the desktop name and select the power action you are going to perform on, as shown in the next image.


Session Management

Argus-Director also gives you the ability to disconnect or log out a session. It also give you the ability to send a message to currently active user. To access Session Management, login to Argus Director and from the top of the page select Filters/Sessions/All Sessions.


You can see all sessions to your Argus Desktops and their current status.

  • Active status means currently a user is logged into the machine and using it.
  • Disconnected status means there was a user logged into the machine, but user didn’t log out and just closed the session. In this case no other user can login to the system. So it is important to logout the user from disconnected session so other users can use the Argus Desktop.

To logout the user from the disconnected (or active) session, select the session by clicking on the box next to it and select log out from Session Control menu.