Data Storage/Transfer

Argus provides a large, shared scratch space to hold research data while it is being accessed and processed by the guest Argus desktops. As with Artemis’s equivalent scratch volume, this is considered a temporary holding space, and users are advised to move any data they have here to Research Data Store (RDS) once they have finished with it. There is no guarantee that any data lost can be recovered.

Argus Scratch folders need to be provisoned for you before you can access the space. Project folders with the same name as your nominated RDMP plans are already provisioned. If you need to have another RDMP project folder to be provisoned on Argus Scratch please contact ICT via the ICT Service portal.


For more information on accessing your data on Classic RDS or RCOS please refer to Research Data Store guide.

Access Argus Scratch

Access Argus Scratch space from Argus Linux desktops

Once your nomintaed RCOS/RDS project folder is provisioned for you on Argus Scratch server, you can access it from /argus/PRJ-<Project>.

Access Argus Scratch space from Argus Windows desktops

To access your Argus Scratch from your Argus Windows desktop, you can map network drive. The address is \\\PRJ-<Project>, remember to replace <Project> with your provisioned Argus Scratch folder.

Data Transfer

You can copy data to your local computer, RDS, Artemis and Argus Scratch disk. The Argus scratch space is a temporary storage space for your work.

The data transfer ‘directions’ available to you are:

Data transfer your local computer - Argus scratch

To make data transfer between RDS-RCOS and Argus Scratch easier, Argus scratch is mounted on RCOS servers. To transfer your data from local computer, you can connect to RCOS (or RCOS-INT) using Filezilla, CyberDuck or command-line SFTP. You can follow the steps in the Research Data Store guide.

Using Filezilla, once connected to RCOS servers you can navigate to your Argus scratch space /argus/PRJ-<Project> in remote site. Remember to replace <Project> with your project name that has been provisoned for you in Argus Scratch.

To transfer data between Argus Scratch and your local computer, drag and drop files between the left-hand side (local files) and the right-hand side (Argus Scratch files).

If you are using a Mac or Linux computer you can also use rsync and specify mounted Argus Scratch on RCOS as destination.

Data transfer RCOS - Argus scratch

As mentioned, Argus Scratch is mounted in RCOS servers to make file transfer easier and faster. To copy your data from RCOS to Argus Scratch you can connect to RCOS servers using command-line SSH from Linux/Mac terminal or Putty on Windows computers.

Once connected to RCOS servers you can copy your data between /rds/PRJ-<Project> and /argus/PRJ-<Project> using cp comand or rsync. For more information on connecting to RCOS please refer to the Research Computing Optimised Storage (RCOS) user guide.

Data transfer Classic RDS - Argus scratch

To transfer your data between Classic RDS and Argus Scratch from a Windows computer, you can simply map both Classic RDS and Argus Scratch folders and drag-and-drop your files between two mapped drives.

For more information about mapping Classic RDS please refer to Access Classic RDS from Windows user guide. Mapping Argus Scratch on a Windows computer is similar to the steps in “Access Argus Scratch space on Argus Windows desktops” but you need to check the box Connect using different credentials and use SHARED\<Unikey> and your password.

If you are using a Mac or Linux computer, you can also mount both your Classic RDS and Argus Scratch folders and copy between two mount points. Please refer to Access Classic RDS from MacOS.


We will provide you with further procedures and contextual information on data transfer as we progress with the Argus rollout.