Argus Known Issues

This section contains Argus’s known issues.

Unable to access to argus portal

If you are unable to access argus portal, please make sure to check below points:

  1. Make sure your account exists in the SHARED Domain.
  2. Make sure your unikey is not locked out.
  3. Make sure you are entering your username and password correctly.

Grey screen when launching Argus Redhat desktops

When launching an Argus Redhat desktop for the first time, or relaunching after a period of time, you will see a grey screen. Sometimes this screen will be displayed for about 15-30 seconds before you see the desktop. Please be patient and wait until you see the Redhat desktop.


Initialization failed error when launching Argus desktops from Mac computers

If you receive “Initialization failed” error while launching Argus desktop from a Mac computer, please make sure you have the latest Citrix Receiver installed.


“Your session could not be established” error when logging into

If you received “Your session could not be established” error on login page, please follow below steps for troubleshooting.

  1. Make sure the unikey and password provided in the Username and Password fields are correct.
  2. Click on “click here” link on the page (highlighted in blue) to start a new session and try re-enter your unikey and password.
  3. Check your unikey account in shared domain is not locked out with service desk.